Franchise Player Challenge

One of the features of the book Now Taking the Field: Baseball’s All-Time Dream Teams for All 30 FranchisesĀ is the selection of a “franchise player” for each team’s chapter. The franchise player is the one that I considered the all-around best for that franchise’s entire history. For some teams, there was a clear choice. But for others there were several candidates to consider, and you could reasonably make a case for any of them. I created a silhouette image to represent each of the players I chose, and these images are displayed to lead off each chapter.

An interesting challenge is to see how many of these “franchise players” you can identify based solely on their silhouette image. The image below shows all 30 of the franchise players… give it a try yourself! Remember, there is only one player for each franchise, so that means only one to represent the Yankees, only one to represent the Red Sox, and so on. Good luck!

For an answer key, download theĀ two-page handout which has the images on page one and the answers on page two.

The 30 Franchise Players from Now Taking the Field