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Publicity for Now Taking the Field: Baseball’s All-Time Dream Teams for All 30 Franchises includes radio and television interviews, as well as articles and reviews in newspapers and blogs. This page focuses on television and radio, but see also the list of written articles and reviews.

If you are a member of the media (radio, television, online, or newspaper / magazine) and would like a review copy of the book, please either use my contact page to get in touch, or connect with me via LinkedIn and send me a message to express your interest and include a mailing address.


Television Appearances

Thursday, February 21

Appearance on MLB Now on the MLB Network, hosted by Scott Braun, and including guests Joe Girardi and Dan O’Dowd. I was on the entire one hour program, but here is the recording of the 5-minute interview focused on my book Now Taking the Field: Baseball’s All-Time Dream Teams for All 30 Franchises.

Radio Interview Schedule (all times shown here are ET)

So far in 2019

Sunday, May 5th

1:30-1:40p ET—KNBR-AM (San Francisco, CA—SAN FRANCISCO, CA). Live interview on the Giants Pre-Game Show, hosted by Marty Lurie. Recording of this interview is available here, here, and here.

Wednesday, May 1st

BUFFALO, NY. Taped recording of pre-game interview by Pat Malacaro to be played during a Buffalo Bisons (AAA) game at a later date.

Friday, April 5th 

4:20p-4:30p ET—WYGM-AM (Maitland, FL—ORLANDO / DAYTONA BEACH, FL). Live interview on the “In the Zone” show, hosted by Shot Dr. & Brandon Kravitz.

Saturday, March 23rd

2:40p-2:55p ET—WWLS-AM (Oklahoma City, OK—OKLAHOMA CITY, OK). Live interview on “The Bottom Line” show, hosted by Matt Meyer.

Tuesday, March 19th

2:00p-2:15p ET—WGNA-FM (Schenectady, NY—ALBANY, NY). Taped interview for the “Speaking of Writers” show, hosted by Steve Richards.

Wednesday, March 13th

9:30p-9:45p ET—KDUS-AM (Phoenix, AZ—PHOENIX, AZ). Live interview on “The Sports Zoo” show, hosted by Dave Bierstein.

Tuesday, March 5th

3:00p-3:15p ET—KJR-AM (Seattle, WA—SEATTLE, WA). Taped interview with KJR-AM Anchor Jeff “The Fish” Aaron.

3:30p-3:45p ET—KTIE-AM (Glendale, CA—LOS ANGELES, CA). Taped interview for “The Sports Corner” show, hosted by Gabriel Segura.

Thursday, February 28th

 5:05p-5:15p ET—WTAM-AM (Cleveland, OH—CLEVELAND, OH). Live interview on the “Munch on Ohio Sports” show, hosted by Mark “Munch” Bishop.

5:35p-5:45p ET—SB Nation (Houston, TX—SYNDICATED). Taped interview with SB Nation Host Jake Asman. Recording available here (segment starts at 25:00 minute mark)

7:35p-7:45p ET—KBKR-AM (La Grande, OR—PORTLAND, OR). Live interview on the “Johnny Ballgame Show”, hosted by John Mallory.

Saturday, February 23rd

7:00p-7:15p ET—CBS Sports Radio (New York, NY—SYNDICATED). Taped interview for the “Jody McDonald” show, hosted by Ken Carman.

Friday, February 22nd

7:05a-7:15a ET—WMJI-FM (Cleveland, OH—CLEVELAND, OH). Live interview on the “Nolan, Malone & Kullik Morning Show”, hosted by Mark Nolan, Jimmy Malone and Chip Kullik.

8:10a-8:20a ET—WPHM-AM (Port Huron, MI—DETROIT, MI). Live interview on “The Morning Show”, hosted by Paul Miller.

9:30a-9:45a ET—WOKY-AM (Milwaukee, WI—MILWAUKEE, WI). Taped interview for the “It’s All Thunder” podcast, hosted by Mitch “Thunder” Nelles. Recording available here.

Wednesday, February 20th

Noon-12:20p ET—KOAL-FM (Salt Lake City, UT—SALT LAKE CITY, UT). Taped interview for the “Drive Time Sports” show, hosted by Travis Anderson and Dave Hocanson.

12:30p-12:50a ET—WTPL-FM (Bow, NH—BOSTON, MA). Live interview on the “Cail & Company” show, hosted by Ken Cail, et al.

Sunday, January 20th

8:00p-8:15p ET—WLIE 540AM (New York City, NY —NEW YORK CITY, NY). Live interview for “SportsTalk NY.” Recording available here.

Thursday, January 17th

4:00pm ET— Taped interview for the “Baseball by the Book” podcast, with Justin McGuire.

Saturday, January 12th

12:15p-12:30p ET—WIP (Philadelphia, PA—PHILADELPHIA, PA). Taped interview for “SportsRadio 94 WIP”, with Tim Kelly.



Wednesday, December 19th

1:00p-1:20p ET—WORL-AM (Orlando, FL—ORLANDO, FL). Taped interview for “The Pat Williams Show”, hosted by Pat Williams.

Tuesday, December 18th

8:35a-8:45a ET—WHBY-AM (Appleton, WI—GREEN BAY / APPLETON, WI). Live interview on the “WHBY Morning Show” show, hosted by B.J. DeGroot.

4:15p-4:30p ET—KTIK AM / FM (Boise, ID—BOISE, ID). Live interview on the “Idaho Sports Talk” show, hosted by Bob Behler and Chris Lewis.

Friday, December 14th

11:35a-11:45a ET—KMOX-AM (St. Louis, MO—ST. LOUIS, MO). Live interview on “The Charlie Brennan Show”, guest-hosted by John Hancock and Michael Kelley. 

Thursday, December 13th

2:00p-2:15p ET—SB Nation Radio (Dallas, TX—SYNDICATED). Taped interview on “The Big E Sports Show”, hosted by Elissa Walker Campbell.

5:00p-5:15p ET—KSCB-AM (Liberal, KS—WICHITA, KS). Live interview on the “Live from Broadcast Square” show, hosted by Joe Denoyer.

6:05p-6:15p ET—KGYM-AM (Cedar Rapids, IA—CEDAR RAPIDS, IA). Taped interview for “The Todd Brommelkamp Show”, hosted by Todd Brommelkamp and Alex Kuhn.

Wednesday, December 12th

12:35p-12:45p ET—WKII-AM (Port Charlotte, FL—FORT MYERS / NAPLES, FL). Live interview on “The Larry Timko Show”, hosted by Larry Timko.

Tuesday, December 11th

10:00a-10:15a ET— Grueling Truth Radio Network (PODCAST). Taped interview for “The Grueling Truth” podcast, hosted by James Ernest. Listen to the recording of this interview.

11:00a-11:10a ET—KCQL-AM (Farmington, NM—ALBUQUERQUE, NM). Live interview on the “First Sports” show, hosted by Steve Bortstein.

3:00p-3:15p ET—KORN-FM (Sioux Falls, SD—SIOUX FALLS, SD). Taped interview for the “Let’s Talk” show, hosted by Travis Kriens.

4:05p-4:15p ET—WHTK-AM (Rochester, NY—ROCHESTER, NY). Live interview on “The Carl Falk Show”, hosted by Carl Falk.

Monday, December 10th

10:00a-10:15a ET—WDAD-AM (Indiana, PA—PITTSBURGH, PA). Taped interview for the “Indiana in the Morning” show, hosted by Todd Marino.

Sunday, December 9th

10:00a-10:20a ET— (New York, NY—PODCAST). Taped interview for the “Talking Mets” podcast, hosted by Mike Silva.

Thursday, December 6th

7:35a-7:45a ET—WKNY-AM (Kingston, NY—NEW YORK, NY). Live interview on “The WKNY AM Drive Sports Show”, hosted by Warren Lawrence and Chris Burns.

11:00a-11:15a ET—USA Radio Network (Dallas, TX—SYNDICATED). John Clemens.

Wednesday, December 5th

4:30p-4:45p ET—WZGC-FM (Atlanta, GA). Taped interview for the “Chris & Randy” show, hosted by Chris Goforth and Randy McMichael.

Tuesday, December 4th

11:40-11:55 ET—WHAS-AM (Louisville, KY—LOUISVILLE, KY). Taped interview with WHAS-AM reporter, Suzanne Duvall.

Interview with John Ramos, recorded for The Locker Room on FoxSportsRadio. Listen to the recording of this interview.

Monday, December 3rd

10:20a-10:30a ET—WBIG-AM (Aurora, IL—CHICAGO, IL). Live interview on “The Big Wake Up Call”, hosted by Ryan Gatenby.

Sunday, December 2nd

5:40p-5:55p ET—WCCO-AM (Minneapolis, MN—MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL, MN). Live interview on the “Steve Thomson” show, hosted by Steve Thomson.

Friday, November 30

3:30p-3:50p ET—Sirius XM Satellite Radio / MLB Network Radio (New York, NY—SYNDICATED). Taped interview for the “Behind the Numbers: Baseball SABR-Style” show, hosted by Vince Gennaro.

Thursday, November 29th

11:00a-11:15a ET—KFH-AM (Wichita, KS—WICHITA, KS). Live interview on the “Sports Daily” show, hosted by Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis. Recording link (there was an audio issue for the recording, so jump ahead to 3:00 minute mark)

Wednesday, November 28th

1:30p-1:40a ET—WGNU-AM (St. Louis, MO—ST. LOUIS, MO). Live interview on “The Brian Stull Show”, hosted by Brian Stull.

2:40p-2:55p ET—Sports Byline USA (San Francisco, CA—SYNDICATED). Live interview on the “Titillating Sports” show, hosted by Rick Tittle.

Tuesday, November 27th

6:40a-6:50a ET—WDUN-AM (Gainesville, GA—ATLANTA, GA). Live interview on “The Morning Show”, hosted by Bill Maine and Joel Williams. Listen to the recording here or here.

10:45a-11:00a ET—WIP-AM (Philadelphia, PA—PHILADELPHIA, PA). Taped interview for the “Steve Trevelise” show, hosted by Steve Trevelise.